Phil Collins slams ‘unethical’ pre-nups despite paying £42 million in divorce settlements

Genesis frontman Phil Collins may have splashed out £42 million to settle his two divorces, but don’t even bother trying to suggest to him that he get a pre-nuptial agreement the next time he takes a trip down the aisle.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Australia, Collins shot down the morality of a marital pre-nup, indicating he’s a big ol’ romantic at heart.

“I think they’re unethical,” he revealed. “They say, ‘Oh, darling, I love you forever, but just in case…’ It cost me a lot of money, but that’s lawyers for you.”

Collins is famously believed to have split from his second wife Jill Taverman over fax in 1999, having fallen in love with the 22-year-old Orianne Cevey. Collins ended up handing £17 million to Taverman, the mother of his actress daughter Lily Collins, in their divorce settlement.

Nine years later, Collins filed for divorce from Cevey, landing him with what was at the time the most expensive celebrity divorce settlement in British history — £25 million.

However in a twist of fate, Collins and Cevey wound up getting back together in 2015.

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